13716075_1202060599844608_1167340848557773268_nA culture & opinion zine about life in Salem, Oregon.

This is not a blog, but merely a digital hub related to the zine.

You can find it in print, largely.

As new issues comes out, we will also link to a digital pdf of each issue, that you can read or download at your leisure. Join our Mailing List and find out when new issues are released.

Open submission policy.  Let’s build a scene!

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Edited by Austin Rich.

Starting in 1993, Austin has been making zines, music, radio & art all through the I-5 corridor, and now lives in Salem, OR with is wife and their cat. He currently hosts an extension of his ongoing efforts in radio – Mid-Valley Mutations – every week at 10 PM on KMUZ.org. He also plays with MKUltramegaphone, and has written one book of short fiction: Naked Trees Point To The North StarHe’s only written three bios this year, which is not bad, all things considered.