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The Cherry Picker is published by Austin Rich & Marla Rich, and paid for entirely out of their pockets. In the event we get other sources of revenue, we will mention it here.

We are involved in underwriting, trade outs, and any other kind of support that you might want to contribute. Please send all correspondence to

Please Note:

We are looking to work with groups and organizations that we can get along with. With that in mind, we are under no obligation to accept any money we do not want. If we don’t like what you do, we will not work with you. Your actions and your reputation will be all we need to sort that out. This is a long way of saying: I have a bias, I will admit it, and that means there are some things in this world that I will not, and can not, support. Hopefully you are not scummy, nor are your business dealings. But, unfortunately, I get to make that decision.

However, that is most likely not you. And we want to give you the benefit of the doubt. So let us know what you are proposing, and we will happily get the ball rolling.