We have a very open-door policy regarding submissions at The Cherry Picker. Anything you send in will be considered. Especially if you are on the same page as us, and you want to help further the cause of homespun, DIY journalism and opinion pieces based right here in our neck of the woods. Photography, drawings, fictional pieces… whatever your heart desires. Let you freak flag fly, and we’ll try to find a way to capture it best for The Cherry Picker.

That being said, we have two considerations that are going to have to be clear about up front.

First, we are The Cherry Picker. We don’t cover EVERYTHING We have a right to indulge our bias from time to time, and if your piece doesn’t really fit into what The Cherry Picker is about, then you will not make the cut. I’ll try to be as transparent as possible when I make decisions like that, and hopefully it’ll never be an issue. But know up front that we’re trying to build something here, and not every piece is going to fit in exactly right. Hopefully that gets us off the hook when we create the illusion of pickiness.

Second, and I cannot stress this enough, we want to compensate our contributors. Because of this, there is also another added layer of selection that will be happening with submissions. I simply can’t afford to pay everyone, even if I want to. So I will be choosy about submissions only because I need to decide if I can afford to take specific submissions. To this end, compensation for initial submissions will remain small. (Contributors copies, a drink/snack thank you at our next meet-up, and a selection of A/V from our back-catalog.) But rest assured, you will not work for us without some kind of reward for your efforts.

If you are still not scared off, please send your submissions to:

Let’s make something cool.